The CPCU Society’s Circle of Excellence Recognition Program awards each chapter for its efforts to achieve benchmarks in chapter performance. The Program provides chapter leaders, and committee and task force chairmen, with structure and guidance to achieve strategic, chapter and member goals. Chapters earn Gold or Silver recognition by achieving key initiatives of the Society's strategic plan.



Spokane is Golden - Again!

To:      2011-2012 Chapter President

           Joshua R. Tyndell, CPCU


RE:      2011-2012 Circle of Excellence


cc:       Cass Cossairt, CPCU

            Chapter Governor


I am pleased to announce that the Spokane, Washington Chapter has qualified for the 2011-2012 CPCU Society Circle of Excellence.  Your chapter has achieved the Gold level of recognition in this comprehensive program.  Congratulations!

Thank you for your dedication of time and talent this past year.  Please extend our congratulations to your leadership team and all chapter members who planned and participated in your many activities during the year.


In August, your chapter’s 2011-2012 Circle will be mailed to you.  When received, please insert your circle into the Circle of Excellence plaque you were sent previously and display it at chapter events.  Make sure all your members are aware of this recognition and its significance.  Plan time during your upcoming Conferment or I-Day program for a presentation ceremony. 


The Spokane, Washington Chapter will also be recognized at the Annual Meeting and Seminars in Washington, DC in a special Circle of Excellence display and during the Circle of Excellence Recognition Luncheon.  You should have receive a formal invitation with details regarding the luncheon.  If you are unable to attend the luncheon we ask that you pass this invitation onto the incoming chapter president or another chapter representative.


Best wishes to the Spokane, Washington Chapter for continued success!




Steve McElhiney, CPCU

President and Chairman

CPCU Society

Circle of Excellence - Gold!

The Spokane Chapter has received the Gold award for the Circle of Excellence each year since 2002! We strive to provide the best for all our members.